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El Esclavo, The Slave


I did a card reading the other night to gain some clarity on issues of Abundance.  I’ve been working hard with prosperity meditations for a few months now, both to increase the flow of that energy in my own life and to prepare for an upcoming workshop I have on the topic here in Nicaragua.

I’ve seen a real increase in the energy of abundance, prosperity, and creativity since I committed to actively working the combination of  kriyas, meditations, and asana practice I’ve designed.  I’ve also experienced an increase in feelings of gratitude as well as an ability to recognize the energy of abundance when it does enter my life.  So often, I feel that this “plenty,” which really is a divine right for all, enters so stealthily into our lives that it’s very easy to take for granted unless you are practicing stillness, awareness, and gratitude.  Read the rest of this entry

Viaje al Bosque


Have I mentioned that it’s rainy season here in Nicaragua?  It was easy to forget while in Granada.

Before coming to Central America, I pictured rainy season here to mirror the punctual thunderstorms of south Florida’s hurricane season – rain that pounds down, obliterating the horizon for 20 minutes a day before clearing up.  In Granada and here in Ometepe, the rain is more infrequent than those daily storms but tends to stick around for longer.

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