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To what do you dedicate a life?  What do these two hands do each day?  Where do these two feet walk?  I find these thoughts spinning through my head as I walk these streets that now seem empty.

I feel as though I’ve been overstaying my welcome for years now.  I look back, and there’s so many gaps like this in between the moments that cause my soul to resonate.  Read the rest of this entry

Kali, Tearing Down Time



This is the pretty roof of the room I call home these days.  On Sunday, said room began to smell a little mousey.  I cleared out all my things, shook out and then refolded each item of clothing and each bag and suitcase, yet did not find a mouse.   My friend correctly guessed that some small animal must have crawled between the tiles on the roof and the bamboo on the ceiling before Spirit left the body behind.  Unfortunately, there was nobody who could tear the roof apart for a day and a half, so the smell permeated the space I sleep and practice.

I can’t help but bring Kali to mind.  Kali, the  Hindu goddess of destruction and time whose devotees dance in graveyards and spread themselves with the ashes of funeral pyres.  Read the rest of this entry



Since I last wrote, I’ve been gifted with two amazing body work sessions.  One, a reiki session with the most powerful energy worker I’ve ever met.  Another, reflexology with a fabulous blind masseuse at the Hotel.  I strongly believe that regular bodywork is a vital part of any wellness routine.  It compliments a good yoga practice, and helps us release emotions that are seeking to store deep within our bodies in the form of energy blocks, tight muscles, and even illness.  It’s especially important during times of transition.

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