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Un Monton de Vida


The rainforest is abundant with life.  I walk around feeling like an ant in A Bug’s Life, with huge leaves towering around and above me.  We have fresh flowers clipped in vases placed around the hotel, and I’m constantly amazed by the variety that I’ve still yet to notice in the lush jungle that surrounds me.  I’m drawn out of my morning meditation by the sounds of howler monkeys in the distance.  I feel blessed to be able to interact so closely with animals I’ve only ever seen previously on television or in National Geographic.

These guys are scampering all around the rainforest.  They're called Aguitis

These guys are scampering all around the rainforest. They’re called Aguitis

A rare shot of one standing still

A rare shot of one standing still

I spent the morning recently at the Jaguar Rescue Center, which is just a short walk up the road from where I live.  Unlike the poorly underfunded rescue center in Nicaragua, the Jaguar Rescue Center has ample space to house a variety of animals that it saves from animal trafficking situations and from locals and tourists who encounter the injured animals.  Read the rest of this entry

Rain, Rain


Turns out, it rains a lot in the rainforest.  The rain is welcome after living with the Nicaragua dry season since November.  My hair is curly again and my skin no longer itches from being so dry.  My clothes, however, always feel the slightest bit damp, as does my yoga mat when I roll it out for my morning practice.  The rainforest here is so lush that I can easily walk from my bungalow to reception and get only a few drops of water on me.

Tierra de Suenos 004

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