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Vishuddi, The Throat Chakra


The fifth chakra vibrates to the color blue and governs communication.  This chakra sits over our throat and literally gives a voice to our internal inspirations and creativity.  Thus, the Vishuddi chakra is a chakra of manifestation; connecting Shiva with Shakti, limitless potential with life-giving energy and consciousness.


The throat chakra finds expression through speaking, chanting, and singing.  When one is able to clearly state one’s unique view on the world, the throat chakra is open and energy is moving freely.  Read the rest of this entry

Vishuddhi – the Chakra of Communication


fifth chakra

I am constantly pulled back to work with the chakras in my asana and meditation practice.  I find that chakra work often comes off the mat, coloring food choices, what colors I incorporate into my outfits, and  which essential oils I wear.  Further, if I’m working with a particular chakra, I’ll keep work in the front of my conciousness as I’m having interactions with people throughout my day.  I’ll notice if a person may trigger some of the lessons I need to practice to balance a particular chakra, or perhaps I’ll notice that the somebody has a complementary chakra issue – where mine is depleted, perhaps their is showing in excess.

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