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Sacred in the Mundane



Counting cordobas is a practice in staying present.  A practice I sometimes find more difficult than my meditation practice some days.  The thing about cordobas is they value 24 to the dollar, so you very quickly reach large amounts of money that you are regularly counting.

I can’t count quickly and accurately in Spanish, at least not up to high numbers.  Perhaps someday.   Let’s be real, I often don’t count quickly or accurately in English, either.  I get distracted so easily during this task!  Thoughts will intrude mid-count, or my ears will latch onto snatches of conversation occurring around me.  Conversations in Spanish become harder to ignore the higher my comprehension level rises.

So I count and I practice.  Each day at the start and end of my shift, I count and recount the cordobas.  I train my mind to stay present on the number – in English, in Spanish, in the moment.

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Finding the Thread of Yourself


It’s hard sticking to your spiritual and/or health routine during the holidays. Family comes to you or you travel to them. There are late night parties filled with tasty, tasty munchies and lots of opportunities to revel in wine-soaked smiles.

That’s all a good thing, and, I’d argue, just another dimension of your practice. Tantric philosophy says that each moment offers it’s own opportunity for waking up. Read the rest of this entry