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Word of the Day:  Erratic


1.  deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion; eccentric; queer: erratic behavior.

2.  having no certain or definite course; wandering; not fixed: erratic winds.

3.  Geology . noting or pertaining to a boulder or the like carried by glacial ice and deposited some distance from its place of origin.

4.  (of a lichen) having no attachment to the surface on which it grows.


deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion;
eccentric; queer: erratic behavior.

My little path spins onward, wandering and not fixed.   Read the rest of this entry



Stop Looking for a Soul Mate

…and mate with your soul.”

That’s the advice my teacher gave me as I sat down for a Vedic Astrology reading with him this time last year. I didn’t initially tell him that I had been planning a move to Central America, but as he delved into my Astrology, he said again and again that living in a foreign land was not an if, but a when. In his eerily accurate reading, he predicted that I would find spiritual fulfillment and happiness in a foreign land and with a foreign man. Read the rest of this entry