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Asmitā, the Klesha of Ego


Asmitā is an erroneous identification of the Self with the intellect.  This klesha can arrive when the third chakra is out of balance, something our over-worked culture encourages.

Art from http://www.ishalerner.com Chakra Reading, Third Chakra

Art from http://www.ishalerner.com Chakra Reading, Third Chakra

An overly energized third chakra

“may appear as an abundance of power and energy.  Read the rest of this entry



Stop Looking for a Soul Mate

…and mate with your soul.”

That’s the advice my teacher gave me as I sat down for a Vedic Astrology reading with him this time last year. I didn’t initially tell him that I had been planning a move to Central America, but as he delved into my Astrology, he said again and again that living in a foreign land was not an if, but a when. In his eerily accurate reading, he predicted that I would find spiritual fulfillment and happiness in a foreign land and with a foreign man. Read the rest of this entry

El Esclavo, The Slave


I did a card reading the other night to gain some clarity on issues of Abundance.  I’ve been working hard with prosperity meditations for a few months now, both to increase the flow of that energy in my own life and to prepare for an upcoming workshop I have on the topic here in Nicaragua.

I’ve seen a real increase in the energy of abundance, prosperity, and creativity since I committed to actively working the combination of  kriyas, meditations, and asana practice I’ve designed.  I’ve also experienced an increase in feelings of gratitude as well as an ability to recognize the energy of abundance when it does enter my life.  So often, I feel that this “plenty,” which really is a divine right for all, enters so stealthily into our lives that it’s very easy to take for granted unless you are practicing stillness, awareness, and gratitude.  Read the rest of this entry