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Meditating with the Monkeys


I woke at 5 and captured this recording of the monkey’s morning ritual to share with you.

Howler monkeys can be heard throughout the day here, but tend to more active right before dawn and at dusk.  I’ve also noticed that they’ll hoot and holler if they hear a sudden loud noise, like the large trucks that rattle down the road throughout the day. Read the rest of this entry

Surrounded by Sound


Pictures just don’t do Nicaragua justice.  Instead, I wish I had a recorder with me so I could share the sounds of life in Nicaragua.  If I did, then right now, you’d hear the whirring of the abanica as it keeps the heat away, a knife chopping as the amazing ladies here at Pure cook up some almuerza, and the sound of many birds singing their songs.  On any given day, you’d hear vendors calling out their wares in Spanish.

“Queso, queso, queso,” calls one man who I saw a few times this weekend.  “You want cheese?” he asks me, en ingles.  “

“No, no gracias,” I reply.

“You want doodie?”

“What?”  (Doodie!  Is he playing with me?)

“Cookies!  You want cookies?”

Ah, entiendo…”No, no gracias!”

We had this exchange a few times on Saturday, as we both made our way through the streets and markets of Granada.

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