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A Day at the Beach


My favorite thing to do lately is take long walks on the beach.  It’s temporada baja, or low season right now, and the normally uncrowded beaches are virtually deserted in some areas.  As I walk, there is endless ocean on one side, unspoiled sand in front of me, and a jungle lush enough that I can forget about the road on the other side.  Sometimes the jungle pushes right up to the ocean and I move to a cool path that follows the beach.  This allows for more interaction with the wildlife, like the other day when I paused to watch a Capuchin monkey enjoying the delights of a pecan tree.

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I’ve always been one to take my health into my own hands.  When I’m sick, I’m much more likely to turn to Google and WebMD than to head out to see a doctor.  I also try to listen to my body and give it what it needs.  If my body craves a certain food, it’s better to give my body that food than to resist.  That means a bit more sugar intake than might be healthiest, but it also means that I try to tune in to my needs and feed my body accordingly.  That’s why, eight months ago, I began eating land animals after 12 years of abstaining.

That decision came after months of feeling fatigued and low energy, and ultimately, I learned, iron deficient.  Read the rest of this entry