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Getting Things Done


The pace of life is slower and strangely more bureaucratic  in Central America.  For one thing, there’s no Google search with Costa Rica results, or GPS, or even a reliable internet connection!  These are all things I had come to depend on in my day-to-day life in the States before I left – especially GPS, as this girl is was not there the day they handed out a sense of direction.  For another thing, when you do find out where you need to go to accomplish a task at hand, the person who can help might be out for lunch, or the week, you might learn on arrival that you need a list of documents that don’t seem to correlate at all to the task at hand, or you may find that you must first visit two other offices before returning to building number one to accomplish your goal. Read the rest of this entry

Vibrating to a Higher Frequency


I first heard the story of OM from a homeless man on the streets of Providence.  I was 15 or 16 at the time, and being dropped off at Thayer Street to spend the day in Providence with friends was the thing to do.  My friends were probably in a record store digging for new sounds while I leaned against a building outside smoking a cigarette.  A man approached to bum a smoke, and then began to tell me that the world is made up of sound.  He spoke about different frequencies of vibration and told me how solid objects only appear to have weight and substance because of the speed with which they vibrate.  The original vibration that predated all, he said, was OM.

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