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Kriya to Balance the 10 Bodies


It’s been really sweet to see my Kundalini classes grow.  Kundalini Yoga is different than Hatha Yoga in that it is a class that relies a lot more on the use of mantra, or chanting, and incorporates lots more meditation.  I  think of it as the “weird yoga”.  You’re much more likely to find use of Mudra, or yoga positions for your hands, and different breathing techniques in a Kundalini yoga class.

I began offering Kundalini yoga classes for donation at the beginning of January because I so missed my Kundalini practice from Austin.  While living in Austin, Kundalini was not the yoga that I practiced every day, but I did enjoy dropping in on a class once or twice a week.  Once I began incorporating more Kundalini and Meditation into my daily practice here in Granada, I began to miss the experience that comes from gathering in a group to practice. Read the rest of this entry

Folding In


Taoism states that we can only know a thing by knowing and understanding its opposite.  For example, how can we know light if we’ve never been engulfed in darkness?  How can we know happiness if we’ve never plumbed the depths of sadness?  Each is just one side of a coin, with oneness being the reality and dualism the illusion.

Another way we can know a thing is by its absence.  As Nataraja dances the world into existence, feet rise and fall, hips undulate, and we come in and out of being as we watch.   Each time a toe rises, happiness is there or it isn’t.  A hand waves down dancing to the universal rhythm, and a wish is granted.

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