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Subtle Language


Learning the Spanish language has been a sometimes illusive goal that I’ve  fiercely practiced for the last seven months.  I’ve had my ups and downs – my nights of frustration at not being able to follow the late night, beer laden jumble of conversation and the sudden clarity as the vendors sing-songy jingles and the calls of mothers to children become intelligible.  Each step on the long road to fluency is a joy, rewarded by further understanding and connection with the beautiful people I encounter along the way.

One part of language here is that it encompasses more than simply words.  Communication in Nicaragua is a full body experience.  Read the rest of this entry

Two Weddings, Dos Bodas


Many events in our life have rituals to mark them, if we’re lucky.  I was privileged to be a guest at my first Nicaraguan wedding last month.  Shortly after, I returned to the States for a visit and to attend my cousin’s wedding there.  The juxtaposition was interesting!

Nicaragua Wedding –

The happy couple stopped by our house the day before to inform us that they would be getting married the next day at 4.  We had less than 24 hours notice.

US Wedding –

My cousin proposed 3 years ago, and the ensuing time was spent planning and saving for the perfect wedding.  “Save the Date” invites went out last January.

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