Sat Nam, my name is  Libby.  I set out into the great wide world in April 2012 to explore the One Human Spirit by immersing myself within different people and cultures.  I gave up the security of a wonderful job, stable group of friends, and a place to live.  In exchange, I’ve met countless kindred souls and been moved deeply by the experiences I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

Life continues to surprise me.  I honor the spirit of Taoism, going the way of least resistance, which in my experience provides the most rewarding lessons.  My journey began in Central America and now takes me to Africa.  I strive to make an impact wherever I land, be that by sharing the gifts of yoga and meditation, or by making a more concrete impact by raising donations to help with community projects.

Wherever I go, I throw off the mantle of paternalism and cultural myopia and speak to the people on the ground.  I learn languages, mores, and cultural norms and build international connections.  I travel, I learn, I share, and I serve.  This blog serves as my journal.  I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.


Photo by Lauren Bloom

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  1. Hey Libby, decided to read your stuff and nice, nice. Austin continues to struggle with its take over, if you know what I mean. I went to leave and somehow got caught here. So many things happening I can’t even begin to tell you. Glad your doing well. Your journey is a good one I think.
    My son thinks your hot! lol

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  3. Thanks for the blog follow! It sounds like you are on an incredible journey 🙂 I can certainly relate to your choice to leave your materials behind for travel and look forward to hearing the wisdom you gain along the way!

  4. I thought of u one day so typed your name and found this wow. forfilling your dream well sorry for the spelling.i never been good at computer stuff more hands on with people face to face lol keep it up be safe

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