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I’ve always been one to take my health into my own hands.  When I’m sick, I’m much more likely to turn to Google and WebMD than to head out to see a doctor.  I also try to listen to my body and give it what it needs.  If my body craves a certain food, it’s better to give my body that food than to resist.  That means a bit more sugar intake than might be healthiest, but it also means that I try to tune in to my needs and feed my body accordingly.  That’s why, eight months ago, I began eating land animals after 12 years of abstaining.

That decision came after months of feeling fatigued and low energy, and ultimately, I learned, iron deficient.  Read the rest of this entry



I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog front lately, but my head has been spinning with new thoughts as I’ve been living and learning and soaking up the beautiful energy of this amazing place.  I’m not ready to write a long post on any one topic just yet.  Instead, I prefer to educate and integrate these ideas.  In the meantime, here’s a peak at what’s brewing. Read the rest of this entry

Shadow Work

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana from Lesley Kaminoff's "Yoga Anatomy"

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana from Lesley Kaminoff’s “Yoga Anatomy”

As we stretch the body, we stretch the mind, which in turn stretches and thins our boundaries creating a stronger divine connection to all.  I’ve been doing some deep hip work lately in my asana practice.  The hips tend to be a place where many people, women especially, store unresolved emotions.  Therefore, it should be no surprise that the emotions brought up in my asana practice have been reflecting in the world off the mat.  The universe has given me some very clear mirrors in this work in the form of different interactions that bring up the same emotional patterns.  I was hashing out the latest form these patterns have taken with a dear friend, and he suggested that it sounds like I’m being called to do some shadow work. Read the rest of this entry

La Cultura del Beso – The Culture of the Kiss


One of the first things that grabbed me about Latin American culture is the kiss. It’s used as a greeting for everything and everybody. From new friends to business acquaintances, everybody is greeted by a pressing together of cheeks and a besito – or small kiss.

It’s such a simple greeeting, and a sweet reminder to be gentle with each other. When everybody is greeted with a kiss, it’s easier to forget our differences and remember our one shared blissful humanity. Read the rest of this entry



One of the beautiful things about living at this moment is the pulsing energy that radiates out.  I felt it from the moment I breathed in the air here.  As a friend of mine said today, “things grow big in the jungle.”


Not only plants and flowers blossom here, but conciousness, ideas and creativity are flowing into the body with the abundant supply of prana.

“Breath is the pulse of the Universe” – Yogi Bhajan Read the rest of this entry